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What is upcycled cashmere?

It’s 100% cashmere that has had another life...a sweater, a skirt, being transformed. Reduce, reuse, recycle applies to cashmere, too!

The only ‘new’ resources being used are my time and creativity. You can indulge yourself and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously.  How cool is that!

Scarves are typically 6”- 10” wide, 54-80” long. Regular, infinity, pocket are all options. All scarves are one of a kind.

We continue to carry 100% cashmere headbands, texting gloves (some people call them armwarmers) &  doggie sweaters. Many 
of these items have unique crocheted embellishments. Throws with pillows, stroller blankets, denim jackets with cashmere sleeves...each season we try to think of new things!  For yourself or for a gift...all items 
are One of a Kind!
Pets! Accessorize your human!
Read more about how we can turn your sweaters into fashions for you and your pet

Just a reminder...Cashmere is very easy to keep clean. 
No dry cleaning required. Check out Cashmere Care for details.matching_pet_%26_Human.htmlCashmere_care.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1