Welcome to Creature Cashmere
You’re here because you love cashmere,have a 
store that sells one of a kinds items, and/or you 
want to reduce your carbon footprint by using 
upcycled, aka recycled, repurposed products.  
                        Glad you found us!!



Two things inspired me to start this not so new business venture:
    First, I’ve been interested in/actively practiced recycling as long as I can remember. Long before it was PC.
    Second, from the time I bought my first cashmere sweater, I’ve had a love affair 
with cashmere.  As some of my sweaters became dinner for our small winged flying friends, I stored the sweaters away while pondering what they would become.

Creature Cashmere was born when I started a sewing class with a teacher who advocated using old, creating new. That’s when Ah-ha moment occurred. 

Starting with scarves for people, Creature Cashmere has evolved into fashions for two and four legged creatures and then into home accessories.  I’m sure it will continue to evolve...

  About Creature Cashmere ...                                    
FALL  2019!

We have committed to do the Woman’s Club Holiday Boutique on Sat. Nov. 2 at the Clubhouse on Haveford.  We will have an inventory of jean jackets with cashmere sleeves,  throws, lap blankets with coordinated pillow ‘covers’ , stroller blankets with organic cotton backing on hand, as well as beanies and other accessories. 

Our big news for 2018 was the unexpected success of the sales of the adorable tree ornaments... all proceeds were donated to Sojourn, an organization which supports abused women and children. We partnered with BOCA on this project. (Photo below)

Other plans are still being worked out. Check back in September! 

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Pet Fashions

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One-of-a-kind creations 
for  2 & 4 legged creatures:
made from repurposed cashmere 
& other natural fibers
    Pillows and Throws for Home

    Pillows and Throws for Home

   Scarves and Gloves For Humans

   Scarves and Gloves For Humans

Pet Sweaters &                     Custom Beds

Pet Sweaters &                     Custom Beds