Retail Stores

Want to touch and try before you buy?  *

Creature Cashmere for pets and/or people is available in the the following retail stores:



1034 Montana Ave,

Santa Monica, CA 90403




1726 Ocean Park Blvd,

Santa Monica, CA 90405


Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique

         Whizin’s Market Square

        Agoura Hills

Stay tuned for more retail stores and upcoming Boutiques...we’re always on the lookout!

Is there a store in your area that you think would be a great place for Creature Cashmere? Send us an email with details and we’ll check it out:

* Our business is primarily wholesale, with some direct selling during the holiday season at local boutiques. Although we may set up an Etsy store in the future, currently we are not set up for e-commerce to individuals. Antique Virgin has a nice variety on their site.

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